1. 2023.06.27 Release Sustainability Report 2023 issued.
  2. 2020.03.16 Release Showa Denko Ceramics’ corporate website was opened.
  3. 2020.02.10 Information Shiojiri Plant was registered as an SDGs Partner Company in Nagano Prefecture.


Based on the Vision of Resonac Group, we are working to improve our corporate value through constructive dialogue to satisfy all of our stakeholders, including customers, bussiness partners, local communities and employees in order to be trusted and evaluated by society. We will continue to promote management to maximize shareholder value, customer value and social value.


Resonac Ceramics develops products with stable quality that meet the needs of our customers by making optimal use of design, manufacturing and evaluation technologies. In addition to advancing technological development in specialist fields at each plant, we are also promoting R&D specifically for heat radiant fillers with our Ceramics Filler Project.